1. HEAT Safety
We are a small TEXAS business that strives to provide the best possible
customer service and support of all the products we offer.

We provide quality work and products at a reasonable price and do our
best to have services performed and products delivered within an
acceptable time frame.

We handle proven quality merchandise.  All of our technicians have been
factory trained by the manufacture of the equipment we offer for sale or
service.  Everyone is certified to perform the work that is needed.

We utilize specialized equipment to perform our work to the highest
industrial standards.  We can work on your equipment at our shop or           
arrange to perform the work at your facility or site.  You can contact us for
more details.

We offer fast shipping and can arrange for call tags and pickups from either
UPS or FedX

We appreciate all of our customers and will strive to provide our services
and products at a reasonable price to help them feel they have received the
most for their money.

Grant Writing assistance, as well as Leasing Options are available upon

We have linked numerous sites to our pages to assist you in obtaining the
most up to date and detailed information about the products we offer. Due
to the information the links may take a slightly longer time to connect.  
Please bear with us.

We will do our best to accommodate any time constraints you may have
A few of our services are:
Department of Transportation
Cylinder requalifications
(Hydrostatic pressure testing)
Low & High pressure, Modified
    testing and Visual Inspections
Cylinder Sales and Service
Breathing Air Compressors
  Sales and Service
Respiratory Protection Equipment
OSHA 1910.134
Fit testing
Air Quality Testing
NFPA 1982
Self Contained Breathing
     Apparatus sales and Service
Breathing Apparatus,
Supplied Air units, Escape Units,
Cascade units, regulators, hoses
Gas Detection
Single and Multi Gas instruments
OSHA Safety Inspections
Consulting and Training

PCP air gun supplies
from 177 to Big Bore 45 Cal
  To Contact Us:

5465 Curran Rd                                                                                                         (210) 624-2320  
Von Ormy, Texas 78073                                                                info@heatsafetyequipment.com            

Fire and Industrial Distributor