Special Offer
This offer is to replace cylinders with new cylinders at a faction of the normal cost.  Using valves from the old cylinders will cut the cost of cylinder replacement drastically.  We can rebuild your valves to assure reliable service
We will install your valves with new cylinder O-ring for no additional charge with the purchase of cylinders.

  • Carbon Composite 2216 psi
     30 minute
  • Carbon Composite  4500 psi
     30 minute, 45 minute, 60 minute
  • Aluminum Oxygen Cylinders                                      A, B, C, D, Super D, E, M-6
  • Aluminum SCBA Cylinders

All cylinders meet Department of Transportation requirements ( who is the certifying agency for all cylinders)  and these cylinders have been used by Scott, MSA, SurvivAir, North, ISI, Global, and various other brands of breathing apparatus manufactures.

Cascade cylinders up to 3AA 6000 psi
Systems can be built to your specifications

New Carbon Composite cylinder blanks
      30 min--2216 psi -------Call for Prices
      30 min--4500 psi -------Call for Prices
      45 min--4500 psi -------Call for Prices
      60 min--4500 psi -------Call for Prices

We may be able to recondition your cylinders inside out with new CGA valves.

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