Designed with latest technology
  Simple  to use, reliable, robust and fully weather protected.
  Single button operation
  Rechargeable and Alkaline battery versions available.
  Full 12 hours of operation with rechargeable battery
  30 day countdown  warning of Calibration Due
  94 dBA audible alarm, Red/Blue visual alarm, and internal vibrating alarm
   Up to 4 gases measured

   One of our customers stated he has had a problem getting his employees to use other  monitors he has purchased.  He usually had to take the monitor to them at the job just to get them to have it on site.  Once his employees were trained and used the Tetra he says they come to the office, pick it up, and use it  more than ever before.  They say it's because it is easy to use, easy to read, the alarms are loud and visible, and the internal vibrator is a plus.

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